Inspiration, and the stigma of .net

by davidharries

Sur La Plaque! What the heck is that? A Sur La Table dental spin-off? Boo-hiss. No. Actually, according to the self-proclaimed “keepers of the cog,” the Velominati:


SUR LA PLAQUE // French for “Put that thing in the big ring, fucktard.”

(Literally, to move Sur La Plaque means to move onto the plate, or the BIG RING.)

I always found the sadomasochistic aspect of pleasure-is-pain intriguing. Read into that however you will. I’m planning to ride my bike across the country, starting in roughly a month’s time, and decided that I would do the world a great disservice by keeping the experience to myself. Hi, Mom! That means finding a suitable podium on which to stand. WordPress seems to be that upturned fruit box. Because (a) I want to spare you from display ads, dear reader, and (b) ego precludes me from settling for a subdomain, here we be, with a basic membership.

Surlaplaque dot COM would have been perfect: just the right amount of foreign intrigue, topicality and sarcasm, considering I’ll probably be weaving up hills in a 24×34 granny gear, pushing a whopping 19 gear inches.

Alas, try out for yourself. An elegant redirect. We’ll settle for .net. It’s like eating at Qdoba when you know there’s a Chipotle around the corner. Let me be your fast-casual Mexican restaurant of last resort.