Forty thru Forty-Six: Intermission (Boulder)

by davidharries

Miles: 40
Total: 2,727

I spent a nice week off the TransAm in Boulder with my sister and Arthur (thanks for having us!) and Sara flew out from Pittsburgh to visit, too. It meant a lot to me — thanks. We rode bikes around town, and even a longer sortie to Longmont where we found Oskar Blues’ brewery and restaurant. I sent a few things back with Sara: all the maps and addenda east of Pueblo, my transistor radio, watch and a few pieces of clothing. I added a used GoLite jacket to my load in preparation for the cold nights. I also replaced my chain, which stretched beyond 0.75-percent, adjusted my brakes and front derailleur. But mostly we wandered around Boulder and ate and drank too much. Hedonism agrees with me.