Digits: By the Numbers

by davidharries

Transit Data:

Total Miles: 4,826 (From Yorktown, Virginia, to Astoria, Oregon; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, to Astoria, Oregon: 5,187 )
Total Days Out: 71
Days Riding For Forward Progress: 61
Average Daily Miles: 76
Days Over 100 Miles: 8
Fewest Miles/Day: 24 (Fairplay to Breckenridge (Colorado))
Most Miles/Day: 137 (Prineville to Eugene (Oregon))
Average Day: 6:10
Shortest Day: 2:50 (Charlottesville to Afton (Virginia))
Longest Day: 9:33 (Prineville to Eugene (Oregon))
Average Speed: 12.7 m.p.h.
Slowest Day: 9.8 m.p.h. (Council Grove to Newton (Kansas))
Fastest Day: 16 m.p.h. (Eads to Pueblo (Colorado))


Flats: 1 (4 miles outside Eugene, Oregon)
Tires Consumed: 1 (worn down to cords outside Eugene, Oregon, after nearly 5,000 loaded miles)
Chains Consumed: 1 (replaced in Boulder, Colorado)
Brake Pads: Used one set of Kool-Stop Salmons all the way across.
Broken Spokes: 0
Helmets Worn: 3 (traded in broken Scattante helmet for a Giro in Boulder, forgot Giro in Boulder when headed back on the trail, bought Specialized helmet in Breckenridge. Woof.)


Weight Lost: 4.5 pounds (154.5>150)
Jars of Peanut Butter: 7
Pop-Tarts: Close to 200 toaster pastries
Sour Patch Kids: 3.5 pounds
Gallons of Chocolate Milk: Dozens
Ice Cream: Not nearly enough
Hills Walked: 0
Ferries Ridden: 2
Motel Stays: 0
Dog Chases: Many
Dog Bites: 0
Truly Terrifying Motorist Interactions: 0
States Traversed: 10 (13, including GAP and C&O)
Continental Divide Crossings: 7 (The TransAm has you cross 9 times, but I skipped a pair in Yellowstone)
Birthdays: 1 (26 in La Crosse, Kansas)