Prologue V: A Day of Rest and Butterfat

by davidharries


The digs and view. 1920s style, so electricity, but no running water.

Mileage: 4
Miles so far: 243

I rode my bike all of four miles today. It was fabulous. And I had a double scoop of raspberry ice cream. That was doubly fabulous. Tomorrow my Dad and I will strike out from Big Pool toward home, probably calling it quits in New Brunswick, and stopping by Antietam Battlefield to pay our respects. My Mom will drive home and do in two hours what will take us two days. I’m really looking forward to spending a couple of days on the road with him. We haven’t toured together since I was in high school.

As much as I enjoy being in the saddle, it was good to take a day off to relax and visit with my parents. There was lots of traffic on the towpath today, being a Saturday, including a Coast Guard group participating in a relay race from Cumberland to Washington. Our guy was running the roughly 10 miles from Big Pool to Williamsport, and I imagine they’ll be reaching D.C. about the time I post this, if not a little later.